Senior Designer

Bob Langlois

While under the Audio Analysts banner working for Albert Leccese and Bert Pare, Bob Langlois was VP of Worship design, provided design support for clients across the United States. Before founding an audio and visual installation company, Second Opinion Audio, Bob also worked as senior technical support at Meyer Sound. He worked with clients around the world helping them with creative solutions for their projects. Bob joined forces with the CSD team in 2020.

Bob and his wife now live in Parrish, Florida where she is a retired detective after 40 years. They have 2 sons both veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.

A second pair of ears: “I have always been of the opinion that when commissioning a church sound system, that there be someone else there as a second pair of ears. No matter how good you think you are, you will always miss something.” – Bob Langlois